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One Of A Kind

Custom, one of a kind, hand made, solid gold, sterling and precious stones.
This is the place for original Janesko creations.

Made in the USA
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Custom Single Hammered Disc Necklace Custom Hammered Disc Studs Black Custom Disc Yellow Stud Tassel Earrings Custom Hoop Orange Silk Tassel Earrings
Custom Hoop Teal Stud Tassel Earrings Custom Hoop Turquoise Silk Tassel Earrings Custom Hoop Sky Blue Silk Tassel Earrings Custom Emerald Stone Yellow Tassel Earrings
Custom Small Lever Grey Silk Tassel Earrings Custom Taupe Silk Tassel Necklace Custom Agate Druzy Reversable Tassel Necklace Custom Small Lever Multi Tassel Earrings
Custom Delicate 120" Chain Custom Wrapped Ring Custom Small Bar Body Chain Custom Crystal Ear Cuff by Janesko
Custom Wrapped Ring
Price $125.00
Custom Open Choker Necklace Custom Wire Arm Cuff Custom Bypass Wire Arm Cuff Custom Skinny Hammered Cuff
Custom Hammered Stacking Ring Custom Butterfly Ear Cuff & Earring by Janesko Custom Splash Ring Custom Bypass Feather Ring
Custom Feather Wrap Ring Custom Twisted Layer Statement Ring Custom Curve Fringe Earrings Black Custom Curve Fringe Earrings Rose Gold
KC Pin by Janesko Custom Half Hoop Earrings Rose Gold by Janesko Custom Glass Bead Earrings Custom Dropped Bar Necklace
KC Pin
Price $75.00
Custom Rose Gold Ring With Chain Custom Twist Bar Drop Earrings Custom Curve Chain Drop Earrings Custom Double Feather Ring
Custom Oxidized Ring With 14k Gold Chain Custom Double Oxidized Ring With 14k Gold Chain Custom Double 14k Gold Ring Custom Silver Ring With 14k Gold Chain
Custom Grey Diamond Bracelet Custom Aqua Diamond Bracelet Custom Gold Necklace With Black Tassels by Janesko Custom Choker With  V Tassel Necklace
Custom Crystal Pendant Necklace by Janesko Custom Crystal Stud Earrings by Janesko Custom Oval Chandelier Earrings by Janesko Custom Curve Chain Earrings by Janesko
Corset Bar Ring Janesko
Corset Bar Ring
Price $225.00