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Janesko is immensely inspired by travel. When she designed the Traveler line she created easy to transport pieces, but with meaning.
Every design is influenced by monuments, nature and cityscapes.
The pieces represent the transformative moment when we venture into the unknown and discover ourselves.

Travel across town or travel across the world.

Made in the USA
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24/7 Hoop Earrings by Janesko Protection Necklace (Evil Eye) by Janesko Dagger Threader Earrings by Janesko
Dagger Necklace by Janesko JeTway Connection Earrings by Janesko Rail Chain Necklace by Janesko
Dagger Necklace
Price $75.00
Rail Chain Lariat Necklace by Janesko Rail Chain Wrap Bracelet by Janesko Rail Chain Earrings by Janesko
Rail Chain Lariat
Price $150.00
Traveler Champion Crown Earrings by Janesko Traveler Champion Crown necklace by Janesko Endless Summer Hoops by jewelry designer Jennifer Janesko
Beso Necklace by Janesko Overnight Hoop Earrings by jewelry designer Jennifer Janesko Traveler Locket Round necklace by artist Janesko
Beso Necklace
Price $75.00
Locket Round
Price $185.00
Traveler Locket Rectangle by artist Jennifer Janesko Crossroads Necklace by Janesko Location Earrings by Janesko
Locket Rectangle
Price $195.00
Location Earrings
Price $75.00
Traveler 3 Corners Necklace by Janesko Traveler 3 Corners Earrings by Janesko Traveler NYC Necklace necklace by Janesko
NYC Necklace
Price $75.00
Traveler Sunflower necklace by Janesko Traveler KCMO Necklace Toggle Necklace by Janesko Crossing Necklace by Janesko
Crossing Necklace
Price $75.00
Traveler Arrowhead Necklace by Janesko Traveler Arrowhead Stud Earrings by Janesko Crossroads Earrings by Janesko
Arrowhead Studs
Price $75.00
Traveler RESIST necklace by Janesko Traveler Corner Stud Earring by Janesko Traveler Sail Stud Earring by Janesko
RESIST Necklace
Price $80.00
Corner Stud
Price $50.00
Sail Stud
Price $50.00
Galaxy Chain Earring by Janesko Traveler Global Necklace by Janesko Traveler KC earrings by Janesko
Global Necklace
Price $80.00
KC Earrings
Price $75.00
Traveler mini runway east/west necklace by Janesko Traveler KC necklace by Janesko Traveler KC cufflinks by Janesko
KC Necklace
Price $75.00
KC Cufflinks
Price $175.00
Traveler KS/MO necklace by Janesko Traveler Kansas necklace by Janesko Traveler Missouri necklace by Janesko
KS-MO Necklace
Price $75.00
Kansas Necklace
Price $66.00
Missouri Necklace
Price $66.00
Traveler compass necklace by Janesko Traveler runway north/south necklace by Janesko Traveler jetway studs by Janesko
Compass Necklace
Price $77.00
Jetway Earrings
Price $45.00
Traveler Pineapple Welcome necklace by Janesko Traveler Life Pyramid necklace by Janesko